Becoming a (London) governess- What Does It Take

The best way to define nannies is probably this. They are child care specialists who provide full-time care for children. Very often they live in the employer’s home. However, that is not the situation always, so moving on further to explaining the term. People sometimes mix them with babysitters, teachers, or housekeepers. The main difference is actually that a chosen nanny provides long-term care for the children in one family.

Still, duties indeed may vary from household to household. Sometimes they have to clean up a bit or cook in order to help the families. However, their main concern is generally about tending to the basic needs of the children they care for. The main activities include shopping, cooking, preparing bottles, changing diapers, and of course educating.

How You Can Actually Get A Job – Here Governess Agencies Can Help A Lot?

Although governess agencies are not the only way for you to find a job as a nanny, they are by far the most efficient and professional. In case you are moving to London, make sure to check out the London governess agency. They are one of the most efficient agencies in the UK, and you will definitely need them in case you want to become a certified British governess.

Speaking of alternative ways for nanny employment, here are the three main paths to employment as a nanny:

  • School placement services
  • Already mentioned employment agencies,
  • Classified ads

School placement services are very reliable compared to Classified Ads, to put it mildly. However, agencies are the most popular employment source for nannies. What you need to show when you come to your agency of choice is your commitment of a year. You have to have in mind that you will be screened carefully. Make sure your bio is impeccable.

Working Conditions


To be honest, your conditions will depend on your family’s income. Recently, there has been a spike in numbers hiring nannies. It has become rather a necessity and not a luxury as it used to be. Both parents usually work a lot, or there are a lot of cases of single parents too. That is why the possibility of employment for nannies is expanding in today’s UK job market.

Still, most families who hire nannies live in big houses in suburban areas or apartments in large cities. The surroundings are almost always agreeable and pleasant. If you are training to become a live-in nanny, you will probably live in pleasant rooms in the homes of your employers. Of course, you can also commute back and forth to work, but it seems that the live-in option is becoming more popular. Mainly because it is more practical both for you and the children you care for.

Even if you commute instead of living with the family, you will still do much of the work in the employer’s home. No matter your chosen family status, you can try to make arrangements for having your own vehicle. It is not about luxury or being spoiled but about the fact that you will be spending a great deal of time outside the home. You will be constantly driving the children to school, birthday parties, doctor’s appointments, sports practices.

Nannies often travel with the family on their vacations. Especially if the children are small, parents will want some time off and that is when is your time to shine. In addition, nanny shifts sometimes can last more than forty hours per week since sometimes families can ask you to work during the evening or on weekends. It is indeed a very stressful and demanding job, but it is also extremely rewarding since you are a huge part of a child’s life.

Education And Training Requirements – Rather Optional, But Still Important To Mention

When you take a look at some proficient nannies, you will agree that there are a couple of universal features that they all own. Parents will hire you if you are a reliable, sensitive, and stable person. You need to have a confident attitude because they are trusting you with something that is the most precious to them. So, besides being confident you also need to be someone who is warm, compassionate, and who understands and likes children.

In case you have received further training in child care and development, you will definitely be one of the most desirable candidates. However, it is not a must since all those certificates you can learn on spot. That is why it is important to tell you that you should not be giving up if you are an interested individual who has been trained as a teacher, for example.  As a matter of fact, you are an ideal candidate for a governess position in this case. This is because it is not only about caring but about educating children also.

A number of nanny training courses have gone out in the open and they are all popular in different parts of the country. As we have already stated, there are no required courses, but only desirable ones. Still, applicants to nanny schools must be in good health and shape, provide letters of reference, and have a driver’s license is a great bonus. Some two-year colleges offer an associate degree program in child development, and some courses include child psychology, first aid, creative play, and family dynamics.

Salary And Benefits

There is no universal rule for your salary as a (live-in) nanny in the UK It depends on the family and your duties and time spent with them. Still, if in the area someone offers a certain hourly rate, then the other neighbors will follow. It is not a rule, but it is very common, so when you find out how much your colleague in a certain neighborhood earns, that is what you can expect for yourself too.

An average live-in nanny salary in London is around £350 – £500 net per week. The salary depends on the specific family requirements as we have already said, but also on the experience level of the nanny, working hours, and location.

In Conclusion

Overall, it will be very useful for you to receive room and board as a live-in nanny. You can cut your living expenses and actually save up a great deal of money. The most famous perks are definitely cars and traveling, while also you will usually receive an annual raise. This is definitely a great opportunity for you if you like kids and plan to move to the UK. So, educate, adapt, and start living your dream.

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