What is Rickroll Music & Why Is It On Roblox?

What is Rickroll Music?

Rickroll music is a term used to describe a type of music that is deliberately made to sound like the song “Rick Astley” by Rick Astley. It typically plays when someone clicks on a link that leads to an Acoustic Rick Astley song, which is often used as bait in online gambling or viral marketing schemes. The term was first coined on the social networking site Reddit, where users would post links to Acoustic Rick Astley songs as part of various jokes and memes.

How Does Rickroll Music work on Roblox?

Rickrolling music is a meme that originated on the online social networking site, Reddit. The basic premise behind rickrolling is to trick someone into thinking they are about to hear a song, only for the song to start with the phrase “rickroll.” Rickroll videos generally consist of short clips from popular songs being played backwards or edited so that the audio track features various strange noises and jingles. Once someone realizes they’re being rickrolled, they often react with laughter.

Rickroll music is a type of music that is created by playing a song, usually an unexpected song, and then saying the lyrics to the song. For example, if someone plays the song “Gangnam Style” on Roblox and says the lyrics to the song “Fat Albert,” people who are familiar with rickrolling will know what is coming next.

History of Rickroll Music

Rickroll Music has been around for a few years now on the internet. The origins of this music are unknown, but it is often associated with the Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. In 2009, YouTube user Poopinrobin uploaded a video called “The Rick Roll Song” which featured footage of people reacting to Astley’s song. This video quickly went viral and became known as Rickroll Music.

Rickrolling became popular on online platforms like Facebook and Twitter in 2013 when people would post links to the Rickroll Music video and watch users’ reactions. Eventually, the Rickroll Music video was added to Roblox as part of its gaming platform in 2016.

Why Is Rickroll Music On Roblox?

Rickroll music is a type of music that was made popular on the social media website, Roblox. Rickrolling is the act of tricking someone into clicking on a link that leads to a song called “Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up” which is actually just an audio clip of a meme featuring Rick Astley from 2007. The meme became popular on 4chan in early 2007 and eventually spread to other websites. In September 2014, user jakeman35 created a Rickroll track on Roblox and it quickly became one of the site’s most popular content items. Today, Rickroll music remains one of the site’s most popular genres and continues to be used as an April Fool’s prank.


Rickroll music is a pretty strange phenomenon that you may have come across on Roblox. In short, Rickroll music is when someone plays a song and then at the last minute interrupts it to play a Rick Astley song instead. Why is this funny? It’s because Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” was used in an advertising campaign for AOL back in the 1990s. Since then, every time someone plays a Rickroll on Roblox, they’re poking fun at those old ads. So if you ever see someone playing this weird music file on Roblox, odds are good that they’re just having some fun with you!

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