What The Clover Leaf Enneagram Really Means

What is Clover Leaf Enneagram

The Clover Leaf Enneagram is a nine-point personality type indicator that has been around for about 100 years. The enneagram is based on the nine points of the compass and was developed by Abraham Maslow. Different people use the enneagram in different ways, but generally, it can help people understand themselves and their relationships better.

The enneagram is divided into three types: extroverted thinking (ET), introverted thinking (IT), and sensing (S). Each type has its own set of personality traits and tendencies. Many people find the enneagram helpful in understanding themselves and their relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about the enneagram, we recommend reading our article on what it is and how it works.

What is the Clover Leaf Enneagram?

The Clover Leaf Enneagram is a type of personality test that was designed by Isabel Myers. It is made up of nine circles that represent different aspects of a person’s personality. The nine circles are: Feeling, Thinking, Doing, Perception, Intuition, Self-Awareness, Relationship, and Creativity. Each circle has three sections: the outermost circle is called the Personality Core, the middle circle is called the Interaction Ring and the innermost circle is called the Emotional Ring.

What Other People say About the Clover Leaf Enneagram

There is no one interpretation of the Clover Leaf Enneagram, as its origins date back to India. However, this nine-point personality type diagram has been used by psychologists and self-help authors to describe individuals’ personalities.

According to the website WhatTheCloverLeaf.com, the Clover Leaf Enneagram is “based on the idea that there are three types of energy in everyone: love, wisdom, and power.” People are placed on the enneagram according to their dominant energy type, which affects how they interact with others and how they approach life.

Some people who have taken the Clover Leaf Enneagramtype say it provides a helpful way to understand oneself and others. Others find it outdated or inaccurate because it does not take into account gender or orientation.

How I Interpret The Clover Leaf Enneagram

The Clover Leaf Enneagram is an outdated system used by psychologists to categorize people into nine different personality types. I’ve never been a fan of this system because, like the Myers Briggs, it’s based on subjective assumptions rather than objective evidence. However, I decided to test out the Clover Leaf Enneagram in order to see what it would say about me. Here’s what I found…

I’m a type Six (The Paraphiliac). This seems accurate based on my experiences and tendencies, but I don’t think it tells the full story. For example, I also display some characteristics of types Five (The Catalyst) and Seven (The Idealist). It’s possible that these other types explain more about me than type Six does alone.


Overall, the Clover Leaf Enneagram seems to be a fairly accurate way of understanding myself. However, I don’t think it should be used as the only source of information when assessing someone’s personality type. There are other tools available that are just as reliable and can provide a more complete picture of someone’s personality.

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