Where do I get the Glintstone key for Elden ring?

What is the Glintstone key for Elden ring?

If you’re looking for the Glintstone key for Elden ring, it can be found on the first floor of the Painted Lady Inn in Rivet City.

Where do I find the Glintstone key for Elden ring?

The Glintstone key is a special item that is required to open the Elden ring. It can be found in various locations throughout the game, but the best way to find it is to explore every nook and cranny. There are several ways to obtain the key, so it’s important to try different methods until you find it.

How to use Glintstone key to unlock Elden ring?

The Glintstone key is an important item in the Elden Ring game. Players can use it to unlock the door of the Keep of the Firstborn. To find the Glintstone key, players must first explore the environment and find all six Shards of the Orb. Once players have found all six shards, they can use the Glintstone key to open the door.

How to avoid getting locked out of Elden ring with the Glintstone key

If you’re having trouble unlocking Elden Ring and have the Glintstone key, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting locked out. First, make sure you’re using the correct Glintstone key. There are three different keys that need to be used to open the gate, and each one is specific to a certain character. If you don’t have the right key for your character, you won’t be able to open the gate. Second, make sure you’re following the instructions that come with the Glintstone key. If you don’t follow the instructions, it may not work properly and you’ll be stuck inside the ring. Finally, make sure you’ve saved your game before trying to unlock the gate. If you haven’t saved your game yet and try to enter the ring without first unlocking it, you’ll be forced to reload your game and start from scratch.


If you’re looking for the Glintstone key to fit into Elden ring, we recommend checking online retailers or specialty stores that carry vintage jewelry. You may also be able to find the key at flea markets and swap meets. Just make sure to check the condition of the key before purchasing it, as not all keys are interchangeable.

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