Who’s Winning: Democrats or Republicans?

What are some comparisons you can make between Republicans and Democrats?

Republicans are more fearful of a new recession and increasing social unrest. They want to save more money from the tax system. Democrats want to give tax breaks to high-income individuals and corporations. Republicans are also less concerned about the environment and global warming, more aggressive and less forgiving with illegal immigration, and much more hawkish on foreign policy.

The economic problems facing America are reflected in the political polarization in America, with Democrats much more willing to share the wealth, and Republicans more likely to defend the interests of corporations. Although Democrats would like to put an end to wars and reduce military spending, Republicans would rather focus on their economic interests.

Who is winning right now?

If you were paying attention last week, then you’re a politician. If you were paying attention to last year’s results, then you’re a political scientist. If you were paying attention to last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, then you’re watching football. Who’s winning the midterms?

It depends who you ask.

The CNN poll will say Republicans are in the lead, and RealClearPolitics is similarly bullish. The FiveThirtyEight forecast, by contrast, thinks that Democrats have a 20-point lead over Republicans in the House of Representatives and have a slightly more moderate edge in the Senate.

There are a few reasons why all three of these prognosticators could be right. Trump has a 44 percent approval rating, one of his best numbers in years.

Why is one side doing better than the other?


This is TALK OF THE NATION. I’m Neal Conan in Washington.

Republicans have picked up Senate seats in Kansas, Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina. Democrats have picked up one Senate seat in Arkansas, their first in the South since Reconstruction. In the House, Democrats gained a net of 45 seats. Republicans gained only eight.

So who’s winning? And what does that say about the future of American politics? We’re looking at what voters were thinking on this very crucial night in American history. Ed Kilgore is with us here in Studio 3A.

Thanks so much for being with us today.

Mr. ED Kilgore (Political Analyst): It’s great to be here. Thank you.

STUDIO 3A: What do you make of this?


How will this impact the future of both parties?

The Republican party has relied on working with Democrats to govern in the past. So how will President Trump govern without them?

On this episode of “What’s Trending,” tune in to hear from some of the Republicans who may soon be out of office.

Biotech and the fate of President Trump

A small group of former insiders is speaking out against the President. These former employees of President Trump’s companies, the AgroFresh Corporation and SLS Zurn, have come forward to tell of inappropriate behavior by the President in his hotel business.

John Barron, the alleged creator of Donald Trump, will soon be making an appearance in the program. The program will soon reveal his true identity.

How competition impacts our performance

Section 2: Developing personal and professional attributes that benefit your company

Section 3: Personal and professional management of your time


What’s your business? Most of us have this “is-it-mine-or-is-it-not” feeling when it comes to which of the 200+ well-known brands that inhabit our lives does the best job of offering the highest quality, the most value, the most convenience, the highest customer loyalty. As buyers, we have numerous choices that come from multitudes of places–computers, phones, televisions, automobiles, appliances, food, and home cleaning products, to name a few. Our budgets are small. In fact, you can rent a diamond ring for the day–let me get out my calculator–for about $1,500.

The power of mental training

Rick Hanson is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) and the author of Playing at Genius. Hanson takes us on an exploration of why and how performance at work and in life improves when you implement mental training. He explains how you can apply some mental training to your field and career, and how you can hire someone to help you get the most out of your time.

Hanson is highly respected in the field of cognitive training. His research spans the fields of visual and auditory training. As a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maryland, Hanson worked with Dan Simons on a study to determine how repeated imagery can reduce the processing of error-prone visual information.

Your performance comparison


Do you feel that your business’ performance is being affected by some competitor doing better than you? Are you worried about your performance’s affect on your business, or do you feel that your business performance is being affected by the competition? Hopefully the following points have shed some light on what you should be doing in order to improve your performance so that you are ahead of the pack.

Data is King

Make sure that you have all of the data that is available to you. Make sure that you have a system in place that you can analyze that data and find trends. A lot of small businesses lose sight of their data’s power because they don’t know how to utilize it.


In general, it’s more important to pay attention to party control than to the state where a given candidate lives. Party control matters, even if voters don’t know it. Think of Senate Republicans in 2010 and Senate Democrats in 2016. The top two offices in a state often belong to the same party, even if that party doesn’t have the top two seats.

Beyond the “inside baseball” explanations, though, one other thing is important.

This could be the election in which Republican candidates actually try to win over Democratic voters. Since the 2010 election, Republicans have largely ignored the Democratic Party. The Republicans’ idea was, if they were good enough to take over the Senate and the House, they would do that, regardless of how Democrats did.

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