Worried About Rising Dog Theft? Know the Ways to Protect Your Dog From Extortion

The way dog theft is rising all over the world; it’s becoming a leading concern for society. Shameless thieves are implementing brand new tactics to snatch your four-legged companion. They don’t even think twice about employing violence and risking your dog’s life. Even if the police rescue these innocent animals from the chest, they hardly get out of the trauma and need a prolonged recovery time.

This disturbing trend makes pet parents worried about their little family members. Considering the increased dognapping, pet owners need to be extra cautious and take all the safety measures to prevent such ill-treated incidents. Recent research shows that the most targeted breeds are French bulldogs, Labrador, Border Collie, Jack Russell Terriers, Pugs, Chihuahua, and crossbreeds.

Why Do Criminals Steal Puppies?

In the post-pandemic period, there’s seen an increased inclination towards pet ownership. Subsequently, the price of domesticated animals also sprung up. This makes the criminals heavily interested in selling the dogs in the international market and earning a hefty amount on it. Unfortunately, several pure-bred dogs got kidnapped from their house and are heavily used for concentrated breeding.

With most of the working professionals getting used to working from home, they want a whole-time four-legged companion with whom they can rejoice unbounded. Thus, the cost of buying dogs also rises by four times. Dog thrives consider the market lucrative; thus, more wrongdoers get organized to make use of the breed.

Steps Need to Take to Prevent the Theft Of Your Dog

Ensure Microchipping of Your Pup

If every pet parent can attach a microprocessor chip to their dog’s body, there’s less chance of mishaps with your dog. Since every detail of your pet got registered in your database, you can easily get back your furry friend, even after any worst case happens. You can also get a GPS tracker cum collar to detect your dog all the time.

Stay Extra Cautious

According to the Kennel clubs, there’s seen an increasing market craze for some particular dog breeds. It proves that dog theft is growing like never before. Any dog parent finds it traumatic to lose their innocent companion in the hands of shameless criminals. Therefore, every dog owner must be vigilant toward their dogs and ensure their utmost safety.

Keep Your Property Secured

Recent dog theft reports show that the highest percentage of dogs are stone from their own house garden. That means these animals were not even secured within their zone. To avoid such blunder, consider installing raised electric pet fence to mark the dog’s safety zone. This will make your home more private and keep your dog unwatched by the trespassers. Always encourage your pup to play on the back lawn to stay secure.

Avoid Tying Up Dogs Outside

Never tie up your dog outside public space and engage in shopping or other tasks. Always keep your dog within your watch and ensure you give her proper training so that they will return on being called.

Report to the Nearest Police Station

On noticing suspicious activities whenever you take your dog with you, it is wise to report to the police station and make them alert of any undesirable incidents.

Never Put Your Dog Alone in the Car

Just like every car owner leaves their valuables in cars, they might also consider leaving their dog in the car. However, it is not at all advisable. Always take her along with you to keep your little companion protected from any health issues.

Take Extra Care of Your Puppies

If your dog has recently given birth to a little one, you must be extra careful to keep them unnoticed from the control of thieves. Since these pups don’t have any pet ID and of not get microchipped, criminals consider them extra lucrative selling.

Moreover, if your dog is a pure-bred animal, they are one of the highly demanding pets for thieves. Thieves mostly target pedigree, pregnant dogs, and puppies to earn hefty money.

What Can You Do If Your Dog Has Been Thieved?

Reporting to the police is your priority if you suspect your dog has been hijacked. Try to provide them details like when you last saw your dog, what happened to your pet, whom you saw with your dog last time, and others so they can track your dog in the best possible way. You can also report your dog’s missing on the government website. For microchipped dogs, checking with the database will be best for getting the latest updates.

You can also ask your neighbors whether they have noticed your dog. If someone assures that they have your dog, call them in a public place and verify their legitimacy. If they ask you for money, run off that person straight away. Always buy dogs from the known seller to prevent dognapping as much as possible.

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