How to make your Instagram bio stand out like a celebrity

how your Instagram bio is the section on your profile page with all of the text you want to share with others. It’s important to fill this out in a creative and interesting way, because it will be the first thing people will see when they visit your profile. You want it to stand out and make them curious enough to click on it!

11 Ways Your Instagram Bio Can Help You Stand Out Online

Your Instagram bio is the section on your profile page that’s seen by everyone who visits your profile. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is because it’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile. Don’t underestimate how important this section of your profile page is! This article will give you some cool tips on how to make your Instagram bio stand out like a celebrity by following these 11 simple steps:

1) Add Something Unique

2) Be Engaging

3) Stir Interest

4) Play With Words

5) Share Something Personal

6) Be Clear and Concise

7) Avoid Spamming Your Followers or Conversations

8) Make It Legible

9) Keep It Under 150 Characters

10) Review Your Bio Often for Updates and Improvements

11) Use Hashtags & Emojis to Boost the Relevancy of Your Bio

– Add Something Unique about yourself or your brand. Be original, creative, and play with words! This is your chance to really stand out and show the world a little bit of your personality, so go for it!

– Engage with your audience by asking questions, giving them something to comment on, or making a poll. They’ll love being a part of what you’re doing and sharing their opinions with you!

– Stir interest by talking about yourself or your brand.

What is the instagram size should be

When you post a picture on Instagram, you can choose between many different sizes to make your photo fit the requirements of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

– Use the “Square” option if you want to make your photo conform to the size of Instagram‘s app interface.

– Keep in mind that this option may result in cropping or distortion of your image because it’s smaller than other options.

– The “Globe” option is one of the few other square-sized options available on Instagram. It also crops your photo for posting on Tumblr or YouTube.

– The “Large” option let’s you add a caption or text before uploading your picture onto Facebook or Twitter.

– Use the “Small” option if you want to save your photo as a stamp that you can use on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. It also lets you add a caption before uploading it onto other sites.

– The “Large (Full)” option is perfect for Pinterest! Make sure you select this setting when uploading your Instagram photos.

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