Step by step guide to create effective Instagram stories for your small business

Now that you want to learn the ways to create Insta stories for your small business, allow this post to give you an in-depth understanding. But before that, let facts be narrated below:-

A survey suggests that more than 500 million users use Instagram stories every single day. And these 500+ million Instausers look for new trends alongside new products. Out of all, 58% take an interest if they see a new product in their stories. And the remaining percentage of people already attempts to buy the product.

So, in a world where Insta stories can make or break a brand reputation, imagine how profitable your small business would become after using Insta stories correctly!

Already excited to learn the best method for creating promotional Instagram stories for your startup business? Read the ways out and practice accordingly.

Step 1: Learn the Nitty-Gritties First

Before you delve into the intricacies of creating the stories, it’s time you work on your theory. With that stated, you need to learn how to handle this feature on the app.

Instagram stories are full-screen and vertical videos or photos that will disappear after a span of 24 hours. They will appear at the app’s top. You will find tools such as polls, stickers, and filters to make the story more interesting and vibrant. The first step to understanding how to create business stories is to learn these details:

  • On the app, tap on the plus icon at the screen’s top
  • At the screen’s bottom, select STORY (you will get it from the menu)

Note: It’s optional, but if you want to promote your product with your face in it, you can tap on the icon that mentions: switch-camera

  • Click on the white circle present on the screen’s bottom or click a snap.
  • Now’s the time you need to press &hold that white circle for recording 
  • Alternatively, you can swipe up and select the icon mentioning: square camera roll on the left for pre-existing videos or photos.
  • You can experiment with Layout, Boomerang, Level, Multi-Capture, Hands-Free, and more: find it out from the screen’s left.

Step 2: Use Poll Stickers Wisely

Who wouldn’t appreciate a poll? Now that Instagram allows people to participate in it within a few seconds, you’d surely receive tangible results. But before you master the art of conducting Insta Story polls, let’s not waste time and learn how to use them conveniently.

  • To create your story poll, create the story by following the pointers mentioned in Step 1
  • Once your video or photo is ready, click on the sticker option
  • Select the POLL STICKER
  • Enter your question that you think will grab your prospective customer’s attention
  • Enter the two potential responses: no/yes (you can also add emojis)
  • Le the poll run for around 24 hours
  • Share the results afterward

Step 3: Promote Your Products Using Product Stickers

If you have a specific product to promote, use product stickers. You will find dynamic stickers in this section. They are easy to use! Just tag your product, include the link, and there you have it! Here’s how you can use it:

  • Create the story as you will do usually
  • Before sharing, you need to tap on the sticker icon present at the screen’s top
  • Click on the product sticker
  • Select the product from the catalog: the one that you wish to tag
  • Move & adjust your shopping sticker by tapping and dragging accordingly
  • Share the Story

Step 4: Make Your Audience Hear via Question Stickers

An audience is always willing to give honest reviews on brand-related questions. This is where the question stickers come into being. Besides allowing you to ask your audiences a question, they help you get the custom answer through a DM. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Create the story 
  • Once your story is ready to post, tap on the sticker icon 
  • Choose the one that mentions: Questions sticker
  • Personalize the text 
  • Click on Done

Step 5: Play Promotional Quizzes With Your Audience Via Quiz Stickers

Everyone appreciates knowledge, particularly during the times when it’s the easiest to do. Enter the world of Insta, and brands can accomplish success with the quiz sticker. Don’t avoid using the Quiz Stickers if you want to indulge your prospective and loyal customers in quiz games on Instagram stories. After all, they allow you to post the MCQ question on the stories. Here’s why you can use it:

  • Encourage your customers to engage in your brand
  • Track results 
  • Increase your audience base

Step 6: Use Chat Stickers to Host Chats on the Stories

Yes, you read that right! Insta stories allow you to chat! This feature leverages the functionality of the direct message! Add the chat sticker to the story and hand-select to thirty-two participants for the live chat. Remember, whichever topic you choose for the business, ensure that it’s intriguing!

Step 7: Don’t Ditch Punctuality When Mentioning a Discount or offer

Given the 15 seconds, your entire story can play out greatly to generate excitement. All you need is to use a vibrant photo/video, alongside emojis, the overlaid text announcement, and probably, one eye-catching GIF.

Upon creating & uploading the visual content from the camera roll, don’t forget to add a CTA or call-to-action. That will tell your customers what they should do with the news or offers you have for them! Don’t forget to add a product link that takes them to the offers & discounts! Here’s how to proceed:

  • Begin with creating the story
  • Upon that, click on the link icon at the screen’s top
  • Paste the link
  • Click on Done or that green check (whatever your phone displays)

A Final Note

After learning the quintessential steps for leveraging Insta stories for your small business, it’s time to work accordingly! But remember the most important thing – stay on brand! Amidst implementing creative ways of posting stories, you’d only become successful as long as you work on your brand’s behalf!

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